Bye bye baby weight

The day I found out I was going to have baby number four, I was wearing a large size 12 and had just returned home from Wales where myself and my husband had been away for the weekend without the children. I’d recently lost a lot of weight and was feeling pretty happy with my weight loss, I had a bit more to go but I was on my way, my fitness had increased, I’d even climbed Mount Snowdon whilst we were away.

After returning I took a pregnancy test the following day and it came back as positive. I’d never expected to have any more children so this came as a huge shock but a very wanted surprise.
Once the shock died down I really settled into my pregnancy, I was a tiny bit tired but hardly any morning sickness, I’d get it once a day when eating my dinner for approximately 15 minutes and I was done, very lucky considering the amount of sickness I had in my previous pregnancies.

As I relaxed into my pregnant body so did my husband, he loves my curves and always complimented me on how beautiful I was whilst pregnant, adding further to my relaxed mother earth pregnancy. The down side to this was I literally let my mouth run wild. I ate everything in sight, I told myself I would be fine I’d lost a lot of weight I had plenty of room to let my hair down a little bit, the only problem was it wasn’t just a little bit.

Over the nine months I put on approximately four stone. That was a lot for my five foot frame. We had opened a business mid way through my pregnancy so our days and nights were spent away from home getting the shop ready. We opened our tattoo studio in the January, it was three shops down from a takeaway, and even when we finally opened we would stay in the shop three sometimes four nights a week getting everything ready for the following day, the kids loved it so why not. Chicken kebabs, garlic bread. Disband chips, curry and chips, pizza, everything I shouldn’t be eating. Then there was the pot noodles and biscuits throughout the day, shop bought pastas. Sweets, fizzy drinks you name it we ate it, convenience food at its best and with a Mc Donald’s just down the road we made the most of it

My beautiful baby boy was born on the 20th of May 2014. I was determined to lose the weight. After an iffy start and a small battle with post natal depression I started to lose a bit of weight.

My husband and I had discussed having another baby and agreed we would have one soon so the babies were close in age, “let me lose a bit more weight first” and with that my weight loss seemed to make me more fertile, I was pregnant straight away. It had only been four months since the birth of my son but I was pregnant again and along with my hubby we happily started planning for our new baby.
Our little princess was born on the 23rd of July 2015. I had learnt from my mistakes this time and stared clear of the unhealthy food the tattoo shop brought to my door. But this time I had a new hurdle to get over. I have a condition called symphis pubis dysfunction, basically my pelvis and hips separate and tilt leaving me in agony and pretty much left me stuck at home on the couch most of the pregnancy. So whilst I controlled my eating habits, no matter how well I was eating, I was stagnating in the house leading to muscle wastage and a rather big saggy bum.

Once again after the baby was born it was time to reassess my weight and not get pregnant for a while. The hubby was broody and I was sticking  to my guns. “Let me lose a couple of stone and we will have one more”. So that was the plan, we were getting married in March 2016, I was not going to be a pregnant bride and I wasn’t, I walked down the aisle completely unpregnant. The honeymoon was a different story, I’ll never know for definite but I was very likely with sprog by the end of our trip.

Another princess was born on 3rd of January of this year. My beautiful girl, I had a bad pregnancy and terrible birthday/recovery so we are both dead set on no more babies any time soon. Purdey was born three months ago now and thanks to a return to hospital, anemia and a nasty womb Infection I wasn’t in any position to even think about losing weight. My body had different ideas, whilst I wasn’t thinking of losing weight it was literally falling off me, my baby was three weeks old and I was back in my pre baby clothes. Fantastic.

I was so pleased I started to slack again. My husband bakes gorgeous cakes and biscuits and because I was eating again he was only too happy to oblige. Slowly the bloating was starting, the feeling of being uncomfortable in anything other than my pj’s. I wasn’t having it I wasn’t doing it to myself again. I was going to lose weight and do it properly this time.
So tonight I’ve officially gone and rejoined Slimming world, I bit the bullet and faced the scales, I’m 9lb heavier than I was when I weighed myself after I came out of hospital when I’d lost all my baby weight. I Knew I’d put weight on but not this much I’d lost every ounce of this baby weight, I’d done so well and ruined it once again.

Well I’m not ruining anything for myself anymore. I’ve faced the hardest part and that’s joining my local group and getting on the scales. I’m determined to lose for me I want to be healthy again and have a reasonable BMI which although I’ve a long way to go, I know I can do it.
I’ll be documenting my weight loss journey in my blog, as ways of supporting myself and keeping focused. Now my family is complete it’s time to make myself complete also by thinking enough of myself to get down to a happy self and a healthier me, bye bye baby weight new me is waiting around the corner.
Purdey makes 6 xx