Slimming World Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognaise 

*Quorn or mince if having a meat      alternative

*tomato puree 4 tbsp

*tinned tomatoes 400g can

*passata 500g carton

*1 onion

*1 large carrot

*3 celery sticks

*4cloves of garlic

*1tsp dried mixed herbs

This is a very low maintenance easy family meal. I cook it in the slow cooker and leave to boil all afternoon. I also throw in a cup full of stock to keep the sauce runny and if need be I add a touch more tomato puree to thicken it up. If I have spare veggies such as mushrooms or peppers in the fridge they get thrown in as well.

Once it’s near tea time I boil whatever veggies I fancy, brocolli being my favourite and throw a huge pan of pasta on to make sure the whole family is full. I also season my food once it is ready to be plated up so season to your own tastes.

This is a very cheap meal to make and is a good time saver as well. If your family are like ours they will all want different meals and not only is it time consuming but over a weekly period can add a lot to your shopping bill. The price of this meal will vary from shop to shop but should always come in less than £5, so for someone like myself with six children that’s very cheap.