What’s in my bag?

A handbag has always been a staple of most women’s wardrobe, it’s that one item that will not only finish an outfit but also serves a purpose.

Whether that purpose is to contain your make up, a change of clothes, receipts, sweet wrappers or a set of nappies, either way it’s something that very few ladies leave the house without.

My bag currently is that of a baby bag for my baby daughter, but it’s my bag nevertheless.  I love organising my bag, the excitement I get from getting a new bag is rarely for the bag itself it’s the fact I can contain my life’s important bits into one small space and neatly keep everything of purpose to me close to hand.

I say neatly, my bag remains very neat until 1. A big day out with the kids or 2. My 20 month old daughter, who has an obsession with the contents of anyone’s bag, has been mooching and very successfully broken into the said bag and pretty much obliterated it in the 30 seconds it took me to realise what she was, very quietly, doing hiding behind the couch.

Like I said a big day out with the kids can also cause catastrophic results in my bag. Empty wrappers that the kids very kindly threw at me, tickets for theme parks, leaflets I’ve used to keep the boys quiet in the back of the car, usually involving a train of some sort, small toys, once again usually a train or car, soft dolls, Barbie shoes, bobbles, baby wipes, nappies, bum creams, an odd earing (don’t even know where that came from or if it’s even mine, highly likely it is mine and has spent so long in my bag that I don’t even remember owning them).  For some unexplained reason I always find small change and random pieces of make up and a perfume bottle lid, again don’t know why they are there or how the lid escaped from the perfume bottle or how in fact my Clinique eye shadows grew legs and walked away from the rest of the contents of my make up bag, but they have.

I hate my bag being in this sort of state but it’s something that just happens as a busy mum on the go. I like to think that if I ever, god forbid had my bag stolen, that the thief would take one look at the inside of it and actually hand me it back “you’re alright love keep it, I don’t need your money that badly”.

Maybe my messy bag is something I can’t help, it’s inevitable that until my kids grown up it will always be a bit of a shit tip, but as well maybe it’s a sign of the busy life I have as well as a small trail of memories that we have collected as a family, it’s a unique product that is unique to me as a person as well as my life, so while my bag starts as a beautiful, tidy and pristine item it’s destined to end full of collectibles and happy treasures we’ve collected along the way.
Purdey makes 6 XX