The let’s get rid of this baby weight Diet

Day 3 and all is well!!!! I’ve started a low carb high protein diet this week, i have been on a diet practically since my baby was born in January, well i say ive been on a diet, half a packet of chocolate digestives every day with sugary coffee unfortunately doesn’t count as your one a day, mores the pity.

My favourite oat biscuits

I’ve tried off and on to do the chicken and rice diet, slimming world and the starvation i cant feel my stomach because i just had a csection diet, none have worked but now I’ve changed my approach to dieting and I’ve done something I’ve never done before, researched.

I’ve literally googled myself out with diet tips and hacks to quick weight loss (there are none by the way).  But having a mooch through my blog one Saturday evening i came across endless articles on the clean eating/ caveman diet, although eating just meat is not for me, i have combined it to a diet that is fresh and new for me and pretty manageable.

Ordinarily i wouldn’t be looking for a quick fix diet and be trying to shred weight in as quick a time as possible but i am on a time limit unfortunately.  I have suffered with my gall bladder for a long time, in 2013 i was admitted to hospital for a week with gall stones and an infection in my gall bladder, the infection eventually spread to my liver and i was pretty poorly to say the least, pushing out a 8.5lb baby with no pain relief and an episiotomy sounded far more appealing than this week from hell in the worst hospital ward known to man.

8.5lb baby

Surgeons wouldn’t operate until the infection was clear and by the time that happened i was pregnant with my 4th baby Ruben so the op got postponed.  Over time things died down and my symptoms disappeared, i had two more consecutive pregnancies then a couple of months ago the dreaded pains started again, vomiting in the hood of my expensive coat in our car on the way to Wales for a day with kids, was not my finest hour.

The above mentioned expensive sicky coat before it was sickied in

The weeks that followed included a referral to see surgeons, having a scan to be told i had a rather “juicy” gallstone that turned out to be the size of 3/4 of my gallbladder, the surgeon was well impressed to say the least, he’d never in his entire career even heard of anyone having a gallstone that big and asked my permission to write a paper on it for student doctors lectures.

I felt a right dickhead, i know there are worst things to be embarrassed about but my rosy cheeks were a dead giveaway that i was mortified with myself, i thought it couldn’t get any worse until i was told i needed to be weighed!!!! oh my Christ!!!!! how heavy is that!!!! how did i get that big? having three babies one straight after the other that’s how. Oh and the above mentioned half pack of chocolate digestive biscuits a day, not to mention cheese on EVERYTHING, full fat fizzy drinks and being partial to the hubby’s baking skills, i was practically turning into a cross between a Victoria sponge and an oat biscuit by the second, the occasional drinky pooh’s with the hubby on a Saturday night didn’t make things any better either.

The Victoria Sponge, baby belly. Stretch marks I can cope with I’ve had 6 kids for god’s sake but this bad boy needs to be gone

 I was told in no uncertain terms that the surgeon will not operate on me until i lose weight, right i thought, this is a good kick up the arse i need, how much weight are we talking?  3 stone! THREE STONE!?!?!? Apparently i may have to be cut open the old fashioned way to get my stones and gall bladder out, usually this is done with key hole surgery but due to its size my incision will be bigger, how did i let myself get into this bloody state, i was so ashamed and angry with myself.

So since then I’ve danced around with cutting back and flipping from diet to diet unable to cope with the pressure i would be great all day then give in of an evening so having lost half a stone in my first week i proceeded to maintain it then subsequently start to put it on, and more!!! once again the vicious circle had returned.

So this week after visiting my doctor for some moral support, I’ve put a plan into place that so far im quite happily sticking to.  I’m having zero carbs during the day but filling myself up on protein for breakfast and lunch, drinking 2 litres of water, having fruit for snacks and a small amount of carbs more protein and lots of veggies for my evening meal, i’m still allowing myself coffee minus the sugar and my milk has been replaced with Soya milk.


Not too bad in coffee cant taste the difference

I really do hope i can keep this up and im not denying myself what i want so once a week i’ll have an evening off once I’ve been weighed.  I’m peeing past myself with all the water but im noticing i feel a lot less bloated even just after a few days, i’m regimental with my eating times etc so i don’t have to go hungry and i’m actually satisfied with what im having.

I know i’ll hit a wall sooner or later but at the moment i’m focused, enjoying what i’m doing and taking things a day at a time.  I’ll be keeping you all up to date with how its going and also posting daily on my Instagram, make sure you follow me and any tips or encouragement will always be welcome.