Babies First Nursery

Today I write this with tears in my eyes. Two of my youngest are starting nursery. Their first day of many to come, a day where their learning starts and lays the foundations for their future lives.

Okay that’s stretching it a little bit but possibly they will always remember this day. I remember my mum taking me to nursery in my buggy I think of it every time I go past, it’s one of my earliest memories along with my dad dressed as Santa waiting for me with my presents as well as falling off my neighbors wall, I can’t have been more than three years old in both cases.

Anyway it was a huge day for my babies the excitement in the house was electric, just going shopping at the weekend for their new bags and water bottles brought about such big smiles on their little faces, so the morning of ‘nursery day’ was such a lovely experience not only for the kids but us as well.

After bathing and getting the gruesome twosome dressed it was time to get in the car, I braced myself with a deep breath as I felt like I was going to cry and hurried them to the car.

We arrived at nursery in what seemed like a fraction of a second. We were there, this was it, what was going to happen, will they want us to leave, will they cry?!?!?!??!

Well the answer was no, they quite happily trundled off together with a kiss and a wave they were gone. Thanks kids!!!!! I heard faintly in the background “love you mummy, love you daddy” from Ruben. “Love you too” I shouted back like a sad, lonely, overbearing mess, they weren’t arsed, they had gone, gone into a ¬†nursery fog, a fog of fun and excitement and a room full of toys all of which they could play with when they liked.

After what seemed like forever, it was time to pick our babies up, I was greeted by Ruben with a painting that cheered me up so much, he happily threw it at me while eating a pear I’d put into his bag incase he got hungry, first thing he did was hub me and ask where Nell was, they had been separated into different classes, he’d missed her and it made my heart melt. After waiting for a few minutes, Ruben ran off to find her, he couldn’t wait any longer when suddenly a very loud “HIYAAAAAAAA” came out of nowhere, my Belly belly was here! She was so excited to see us, she had loved nursery, she had stood back with a dolly and watched everything going on, she’s not quite plucked the courage up to do anything but suss everything and everyone out with just the company of a dolly out the toy box, my baby girl never ventures out of her comfort zone unless she’s 100% certain of what’s going on. Ruben on the other hand dives in feet first with everything, he wants to do it all right now no matter what, very opposite ends of the spectrum.

Once in the car we bombarded them with a list of the usual questions “did you have fun” “what did you do” “did you make friends” then the loaded question, “did you miss mummy and daddy”, there was a pause!!!!!! “Yes mummy”!!!!!!

(Right Answer)