Cookie Cups Review SJEliteInteriors

I love a brew! and when i say i love one, i really do mean i love one!!!!!

My biggest problem is, i can’t have a brew on its own, its not normal to just have a lovely warm drink just sitting there cooling away all on its lonesome, its like there’s always something missing, that component that makes the whole brew situation work.

My brew has to have the added bonus of a biscuit to go with it, i say biscuit i actually mean biscuits, as in plural, as in at least 3, or maybe 4, OK its 5 i have to have 5 biscuits at a time.  Anyway when i have my little hug in a cup and i leave my biscuits on the side waiting to be dunked, you can bet your life on the fact one or two will be missing before i go back to have a slurp, the kids or the hubby will have ran off with them, i can guarantee it every single time!!!

So for me i needed a sure fire way of keeping those little fingers away from my biccies and that came in the shape of a fabulous idea sent to me in my blogger mail this week.  I was sent a Cookie Cup from a lovely home ware shop called SJEliteInteriors. The mother and Daughter store is full of quirky, beautiful, original pieces and all priced so reasonably you would really struggle hard to find an excuse not to buy something from them.

So my Cookie Cup came in the shape of a lovely little pink haired unicorn, even better, although im 35 years of age, any excuse to have something with a unicorn on is a welcome gift.  Now much like any other mug the drink is poured into the top of the cup, and below is a little compartment (that doubles as the unicorns mouth) to store your biscuits!!! brilliant! where my brew goes so do my biscuits.  The compartment is big enough to hold roughly 3 chocolate Digestives, not 5 but it will save my waistline in the long run.


I fell in love on the spot!!!  Now although i do love my brews, tea or coffee im not picky, i very rarely finish one, purely because i have a tendency to buy HUGE mugs that hold practically a gallon at a time, mostly because i love the pattern on them; but this mug holds far less liquid due to the compartment at the bottom for the biscuits.  So i can actually finish a brew!!!!


Another problem i have as an avid biscuit dunker is sometimes certain cups aren’t big enough around the top to fit the biscuit in, so i try to break the biccie, it breaks in about 7 pieces and the rest just crumbles EVERYWHERE!!!!,

20170821_171045.jpgmakes a mess, its just not what i need when im parched and craving a digestive.  This cup on the other hand has already started to warm your biscuit up and because of the angular shape at the top, the biscuit actually fits!!!!


Aside from my biscuit and brew obsession, i have to say this novelty cup is a lovely item to have, family and friends that have visited have all commented on how lovely it is and such a brilliant idea.  Obviously if biscuits arent your thing, you could fit something else in there; chocolate or sweets, if warm drinks and sweets float your boat, then each to their own give it a whirl!!!


I also cant recommend SJEliteInteriors enough also, they are efficient at replying to messages, they are friendly and helpful and they genuinely have such nice stock you will be spoilt for choice as to what to buy from them.  I have included their Instagram link below as well as my own, so make sure to add them on your social media to keep an eye out for what new lovelies they have in stock.

Huge thank you once again i will be most definitely be back in touch soon xxxxx