About me

I’m a 35 year old mum of six, yes you did hear me right I did say six, and yes I do have a television. I’m married and live with a huge stupid dog called Hank and 8 guinea pigs that I rescued. I love red wine and cheese on toast and I have a huge passion for anything vintage or retro. I’m fiercely protective of my children and I dedicate my life to making their lives as happy as possible. I’m married to my best friend and I couldn’t face a day without him or the children. Although I could do without our loopy dog for a few days a week but that’s a different story.  I love having a tidy clean house and my quirks involve hoovering at least three times a day cleaning my bathroom every day as well as bleaching my draining board at least five times a day, a list of things that help my day run smoother much to the annoyance of my hubby and kids. Things I hate in life include olives, dog food, rude people, liars, and men who blow snot out of their nose while walking down the street, I don’t let my children touch lampposts or eat off street food carts, I’m also terrified of tortoises and come out in a cold sweat if I see a nun in the street. I believe in ghosts and that my dead grandfather follows me everywhere I go. I also have a large collection of tattoos and no I don’t regret a single one, and I don’t care what they’ll look like when I’m older, highly likely they’ll look exactly the same as they do now, just a bit wrinklier. I’m happy as me and wouldn’t have it any other way, my life is filled with smiles, laughs and sloppy kisses and who could ask for more than that?