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A few days ago I received a lovely email from a lady called Jessica from a website called Education.com.  I hadn’t heard about this website before but as a new homeschooling mummy to one of my sons I was intrigued; so I quite happily gave it a browse; I was very happy with the result, this site is fabulous, it basically takes all the skills your little ones need and turn them into fun ways of learning, it covers ages from 2 to 11 so even if your little ones haven’t started school yet, you can give them a brilliant start.  From sing-alongs to playing with sweets it has a bit of everything all the while teaching your children the core skills they need in their primary school years.
I have homeschooled one of my elder children previously when we couldn’t get him into the right school due to overcrowding of classrooms but while this lasted very briefly it did, in fact, cost a lot of money, most homeschool websites charge and it can become quite expensive when you add the whole curriculum together.
I’m not a teacher, nor do I proclaim to be so mums like myself do struggle; my experience of homeschooling is a quick phone call to the school, an email of my intentions and that’s that!!! no paperwork, no “here’s the curriculum”, “this is what you need”, you literally get nothing,  you ring your local education board and let them know what you are doing and they designate you a caseworker for IF??????? If you have any questions, no pressure!!!, “YES! YES, I HAVE QUESTIONS! WHAT DO I DOOOOOO?????” it’s unreal how little resources are available in the UK for homeschooled children.
So back to my original point, Jessica from Education.com contacted me regarding a collaboration, it couldn’t have come at a better time, I jumped at the chance.  I highly recommend joining this website you can get a free basic access or its cheap as chips at $6.50 a month for premium access as well as being a pay as you go system, so if you don’t need it one month you don’t have to pay, fabulous!!!!  while this website will not cover exactly the same topics as your children’s curriculum in the UK, as its US-based, it does work as a fantastic extra to their basics and you can mingle the two together to get a really positive, productive lesson for your child.
I ‘ve added an example below for you to see and I do recommend that you give them a visit, I for one will be using their service and my little boy is very excited to start.
Mummy & Ollie
Please click the links in my blog or use the links at the bottom, i will be blogging and vlogging about my homeschool adventures with Oliver so please join us and don’t hesitate to contact us no matter where you are based, us homeschooling mummy and daddies must stick together because it really is a daunting task and we all could do with that little extra support.  Don’t forget to look at the activity below and have fun with your little ones even if they go to mainstream school I’m sure they will enjoy it.
Happy Learning
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Repeat, then Eat!: A Patterning Game

This incredibly edible activity gives kindergarteners the chance to practice identifying, copying, and extending basic patterns. Sure it’s fun (and delicious!) but it also helps kids lay the foundation for math, reading, and other curriculum cornerstones. Patterning teaches kindergarteners to look for what’s the same and what’s different, in addition to the order, or sequence, things occur. And when everything’s edible, the learning feels like play!

What You Need:

  • Small edible snacks that are similar in color or shape and easy to handle, such as M&M’s, trail mix, dried fruit mix, colored fruit snacks, mixed cereal, colored goldfish crackers, or carrot and celery sticks

What You Do:

  1. Build a simple pattern on the table. Let’s say you use M&M’s. Start with an alternating pattern (called an AB pattern): one red candy, one green candy, one red, one green, and so forth. Be sure to repeat the pattern at least once.
  2. Call your kid over. Tell him you’ve set the candies up in a pattern and challenge him to figure out what it is.
  3. Get your kid in on the action! Ask him to copy the pattern, by building a sequence that’s exactly like yours. Then ask him to explain how he did it, with questions like: “How did you know to start with a red?” or “Why did you use a green here?”
  4. Ask your child to extend, or add more to the pattern. Again, ask him to explain why he chose to use certain colors or shapes.
  5. Finally, ask your child to tell what part of the sequence was repeated in this pattern. For example, say, “What colors did we repeat?” (Red, then green.) Here are some more difficult patterns to practice once he’s mastered the AB pattern: AAB, ABB, AABB, and ABC.

This activity is even more fun with a catchphrase. I always end things by saying, “Patterns: we repeat and then we eat!” Be good to your word. Once the learning’s over, let your child scoop up his lesson and eat away! And don’t worry, when the snack monster strikes again, you can pick up where you left off. Happy eating!


Babies First Nursery

Today I write this with tears in my eyes. Two of my youngest are starting nursery. Their first day of many to come, a day where their learning starts and lays the foundations for their future lives.

Okay that’s stretching it a little bit but possibly they will always remember this day. I remember my mum taking me to nursery in my buggy I think of it every time I go past, it’s one of my earliest memories along with my dad dressed as Santa waiting for me with my presents as well as falling off my neighbors wall, I can’t have been more than three years old in both cases.

Anyway it was a huge day for my babies the excitement in the house was electric, just going shopping at the weekend for their new bags and water bottles brought about such big smiles on their little faces, so the morning of ‘nursery day’ was such a lovely experience not only for the kids but us as well.

After bathing and getting the gruesome twosome dressed it was time to get in the car, I braced myself with a deep breath as I felt like I was going to cry and hurried them to the car.

We arrived at nursery in what seemed like a fraction of a second. We were there, this was it, what was going to happen, will they want us to leave, will they cry?!?!?!??!

Well the answer was no, they quite happily trundled off together with a kiss and a wave they were gone. Thanks kids!!!!! I heard faintly in the background “love you mummy, love you daddy” from Ruben. “Love you too” I shouted back like a sad, lonely, overbearing mess, they weren’t arsed, they had gone, gone into a  nursery fog, a fog of fun and excitement and a room full of toys all of which they could play with when they liked.

After what seemed like forever, it was time to pick our babies up, I was greeted by Ruben with a painting that cheered me up so much, he happily threw it at me while eating a pear I’d put into his bag incase he got hungry, first thing he did was hub me and ask where Nell was, they had been separated into different classes, he’d missed her and it made my heart melt. After waiting for a few minutes, Ruben ran off to find her, he couldn’t wait any longer when suddenly a very loud “HIYAAAAAAAA” came out of nowhere, my Belly belly was here! She was so excited to see us, she had loved nursery, she had stood back with a dolly and watched everything going on, she’s not quite plucked the courage up to do anything but suss everything and everyone out with just the company of a dolly out the toy box, my baby girl never ventures out of her comfort zone unless she’s 100% certain of what’s going on. Ruben on the other hand dives in feet first with everything, he wants to do it all right now no matter what, very opposite ends of the spectrum.

Once in the car we bombarded them with a list of the usual questions “did you have fun” “what did you do” “did you make friends” then the loaded question, “did you miss mummy and daddy”, there was a pause!!!!!! “Yes mummy”!!!!!!

(Right Answer)


Freedom of childhood


Oh to be three years old again! That time in your life where you are starting to become old enough to appreciate little things in your life, birthdays, cake, crayons, the list is endless.  

Its also a time where in my opinion, you are at your most free, not in the sense of time but more in the sense of who you are and the traits that you have, everything comes extremely natural, you are who you are.  Insecurities such as low self esteem or self doubt are usually limited and you do and say exactly as you want.

One of my favourite quotes is “out of the mouths of babes” and this is so true, you will always get an honest opinion or response from a small child, there will never be that option of “well i might hurt mummy’s feelings if i tell her i don’t like my dinner so i’ll just say i do”, this doesn’t happen, children are programmed to say it like it is.

This is something for me that i feel so strongly about, I want my children to be free to be exactly who they are.  I don’t want them to conform to societies standards and change their natural persona, in fact I encourage my children (all 6 of them) to be exactly who they are, whether they are interpreted as “odd” or “strange” in later life who cares! noone worth their time at least.

Myself and my husband are quite alternative in our relationships with our children, don’t get me wrong we are strict when the situation arises, but we do our best to allow the children to have their own freedom and not stifle who they are.

An example of this is my 6 year old son Oliver, he loves anything alternative, he says when he grows up he wants to be a train driver and a rock star.  Rather than dampening his spirit I will encourage him, if that’s what he wants to be then that is exactly what he can do.  

He asked for green hair and a Mohawk not long ago and while the Mohawk was something we worked around by spiking the middle of his hair with dads gel, we did allow him to colour his hair green with a temporary colour that washed out.  He was on school holidays and how was it any different from dressing up at Halloween? it wasn’t.  

I did have reservations, would the children in the street pick on him or no longer want to be his friend? I expressed my concern to Oliver but he wasn’t giving it a second thought, he was a ball of confidence, that hair colour made him feel like a rock star and with a splash of his sisters dark nail varnish, his look was completed.  It was a phase that lasted about a week, the novelty wore off and now he just wants to be a train driver, but that’s ok we both told him, as long as he is happy he can be whatever he wants to be and he will be brilliant at that.

All 6 of my children have their own quirks and I love them all the more for embracing them.  My eldest Jack wants to become a politician, where he got the passion from I do not know, but that is what he wants to do and we will support him as much as we can. My eldest daughter Ava loves to dress in a very quirky manner, she is very beautiful but she has her own fashion style where she will stand out from the crowd instead of blending in, Go for it I say. Our two toddlers Ruben and Nell are rarely seen without the other so as you can imagine they get up to a lot of trouble, with just a year between them they are like twins and they cause double the chaos.  They both have a tendency to get dressed together of a morning, Ruben dresses himself and ALWAYS purposely wears his clothing back to front, Nell tries but needs help from myself, within half an hour her pants have disappeared as have her shoes to be replaced with her older brothers shoes, highly likely Oliver’s school shoe on one foot and Rubens Croc on the other, she is happy to strut around all day pants less and odd footed all day, if she has a temper tantrum the top and nappy comes off so that’s Nell naked for the day, she likes the freedom as does Ruben and who are we to argue, Ruben uses the toilet but we do insist Nell wear her nappy.

They do have a tendency to walk out in the front garden when the children are playing out in the street but i’m pretty vigilant in bringing them back in, while im happy for them to be free spirits in the home I don’t encourage nakedness in the big wide world.  My youngest is 6 months old and who knows what quirks or traits she will have but one thing is certain, that she will be treated exactly as the other five have been, be free, be herself!!!

That’s all i want for them in life, free, with freedom comes happiness and i know this from personal experience.  Yes there are times when we all have to stifle our freedom somewhat but these times are few and far between, im talking about occasions where school, work, etc doesn’t come into the equation, im talking in their own time.  

So if my children don’t want to go to university, or they want to become an art student (like myself) or just dress up in a flamingo outfit with a wok on their head then that is totally up to them, whilst they aren’t hurting anyone, myself and my husband are happy to give them their freedom and hopefully it will make them more confident and content in who they are as they grow into beautiful people in the future.


House Proud Mummy cleaning hints and Tips

Hi everyone, I’ve posted the link to a new group I’ve started on Facebook.  I’ve called the group House Proud mummy (because i am one) Cleaning Hints and Tips.  (click here)

I love cleaning and i’m a bit obsessed with cleaning products in particular at the moment Lavender Zoflora.  This is a platform for me to pick up new tips for my own home and to give anyone that needs help with their own, a helping hand.  The easier we can make cleaning the better, so hopefully this will help.


Please add yourselves and share any posts you think we might find helpful.

Purdey Makes 6 xxxxxx



Mummy Survival Guide

As a mum of 6, things can get quite hectic at times, today has been no exception if im honest.  I dont tend to shout at my children very often but today called for a very stern telling off from me in the kitchen whilst three of the kids shouted and bickered at each other relentlessly for a continuous hour in the next room.  Cue early bed times and a large deep breath from me and the hubby and peace was restored, my quiet chilled house was back to its usual self.

Just yesterday my lovely neighbour told me you would never think we had so many people in our house, she wouldn’t have said the same had she been here this evening.  Anyway as a mum of more than a few kids, i do get asked a lot, mostly by other parents, how we cope.  My answer is always the same, organisation!!!! being organised is a must or those little buggers will run rings around you.  You don’t get chance to take your eye off that ball or all hell breaks loose.

Having household rules does help, it gives the older kids clear instructions what they need to do and the little ones usually love having their own little pieces of responsibility and take their roles VERY seriously.  My 2 year old Nell loves her job as chief nappy getter, its her job when its time to change bums to get the nappies (even if i end up with 6 nappies on my knee for just 1 child, at least she’s trying).


A tidy house is a must, or at least as tidy as you can get it, i am one of those really sad people that proclaim “a tidy house is a tidy mind” but this is so true and i inflict this on my husband and children practically daily because i believe it so much.  I’m also a firm believer that everything has a place, keep those things in those places and nothing ever goes missing (except socks, socks don’t count, they have a mind of their own).  Also when you have a tidy home, you actually spend less time tidying on a daily basis because there is less to do, that way you have more time to have a time out for yourself, a quick shower or a cheeky glass of wine before tea, if this keeps you sane then do it.

Just the one at wine o clock

Me and the hubby take out an hour together every afternoon once the older kids get home from school, we just sit with a brew and a biscuit completely on our own, its a no kids allowed area for just that half hour or an hour of the day.  Us time is an important part of family life, we dedicate every waking moment to our kids and i think its only fair to have that time together just the two of you to sit and enjoy each others company, to just be Laura and Anthony, not just mummy and daddy. We don’t go out and we are not massive drinkers but we do love cooking together and listening to music while we chat away about anything and everything, if we do feel like having a drink we do and its bliss, it keeps the romance alive in our relationship and it gives us chance to have conversations that dont involve choo choo’s, pooh or Kylie Jenner.

Mummy and Daddy

Another survival tip is sharing your time individually with each of your children.  Keeping an eye on whats hot and whats not and showing an interest in what your child is interested in is also a huge help.  We all use social media and that can give us all the answers we need.  Taking time out with each child makes them feel more secure and equal to their brothers and sisters, none of them are left out and it shows in their behaviour. A well behaved child is so much easier to deal with that goes without saying, they all have their moments, don’t we all but if we can get them happy and smiling at least for the most part then things are good and productive.

Mummy and Ollie

Other than behaviours there is a list of items that will always come in handy when you have a big family, items that can stop a fight in 2 seconds flat, stop a runny nose, make you look less Night of the living dead and more yummy mummy, make a cut knee feel better instantly or just give the kids something to do on a sunny day when they won’t get from under your feet while you put the washing out.

Here’s a few of my fail proof items:

Liquid eyeliner, makes your eyes look brighter after 2 hours sleep with your teething baby, can also double up as a mascara to dye your eyelashes and literally takes 2 seconds to slap on, if the eyeliner goes slightly skew wiff you can just pretend your starting a new trend and wear it with pride.

A massive tub of Aqueous cream, this big tub is my go to “magic cream” when one of the kids has a catastrophic accident such as a grazed knee!!! quick splodge on they think it takes the pain away and off they run.  This also doubles up as a moisturiser for your face on those dull skin days, as well as a good bum cream when the hubby has ring sting from his piles (because noone else has ever had piles as bad as his!!!!) or if the baby’s bum is looking a bit pink, it is quite literally “Magic”.

A deck of cards, hidden in the crap drawer (we all have one), when the kids are stuck in on a rainy day and all seem to want to use the living room as their squat but refuse point blank to get on, the pack of cards get dished out and off they go to play as many games of 21 or snap as they can until either the tea is ready or i threaten to lock them out in the garden.  If all else fails just throw the whole packet up in the air and tell them whoever gets the most can pick the next programme to watch, its a long shot but it does usually work.

Plastic cups, plastic picnic cups are fantastic inventions, they can be used for juice, ice cream, jelly you name it but the one thing i use them for that always keep my littlest ones entertained is filling the sink with warm water and along with a couple of small pans, let them splash until their hearts content.  Bit of advice id put a towel on the floor and either side of the sink because it can end up like a tsunami.

Bubbles and a bubble machine, my god every parent should be given these before they take their little angels home from the hospital when they’re first born.  All kids of all ages bloody love bubbles, they love blowing them, catching them, chasing them and just running stir crazy all over the place with them.  They are fabulous for cheering everyone up and better still are cheap as chips, i paid £2.99 for a fish that blows bubbles from B&M and a GIANT bottle of bubble solution from Home and Bargains for 99p, worth every penny and even when they run out, it doesn’t break the bank to replace the solution.

Baby Wipes, even for those who’s children no longer need wet wipes they are a staple part of every families cupboards in my opinion, they clean kids, animals, work tops, sinks, windows, doors the list goes on and on.  There is hardly anything you can’t use them for, when the kids have a cold i use them so they don’t get sore on their little noses, i use them for making my sinks sparkle, i use them to clean my cooker, washing machine etc and they all come up brilliantly. Although putting wipes down the toilet is not recommended, they do come in handy for those instances where we have ran out of toilet roll, as we regularly do in our house.

A fabulous lipstick or lip gloss, the bolder the better. My first choice is ALWAYS red, red, red and more red i just adore it.  I can have no make up on whatsoever and a quick splash of bright red gloss can make me feel like i have my whole face on, 30 seconds and its on, just remember to keep checking the teeth because that bugger literally gets everywhere!!!  The colour can be whatever suits you, but if it can make us feel glam even just while we pop the shops or do the school run, why not give it a try and and the way i see it if all else fails and i still look like shit it will at least distract attention from the rest of my gob.

The list goes on and on with survival tips for being a mummy or daddy, im no expert, im not proclaiming all my tips will work for you and your family, but they work for mine.  We don’t do too bad and me and the hubby are pretty proud how well we run our ship, our kids have their moments as we as adults do, but on the whole we are a happy household, with lots of adventures to be had.


Us and two of our brood


Scummy Mummy

I’ve worn make up since i was roughly 14 years old.  i didn’t have to dabble in my mums make up bag she came to me and asked would i like some make up, i was fortunate enough that she took me straight to the local Clinique counter to have my make up done and have the basics bought for me.  Christmas fast approached and my presents were literally everything i could get my hands on from Clinique.

Scummy mummy

Since then it still remains my all time favourite brands and has never failed me, from make up to skin care products ive literally tried everything they had to offer.  At 35 with my 36th lurking in the nearish future my make up bag currently stocks at least a few of Cliniqes products along with added Max Factor and Mac, unfortunately the contents only leave the bag a couple of times a week at best.

As a mummy of 6 beautiful children my time is firmly focused on them and keeping my house neat and tidy (although if you visit unannounced you will most definitely find one or two children’s toys strewn across my living room and a random shoe most likely sat at the top of my stairs).

On a general day my cleaning and tidying will start literally from the moment i put my feet on the floor, i quickly make the beds and clear up the remnants of whatever the kids have been playing with that morning (usually something they shouldn’t like my sewing kits).  Ill brush my teeth and have a wash/shower and pull on either a clean pair of pj’s or my staple black leggings and some sort of black t shirt, i keep my regular clothes for the days im out so the bog standard black comfy stuff always makes an appearance.  The hair gets a quick brush and literally thrown in a knot on the top of my head, if im feeling adventurous ill sling a hair band or head scarf around for a bit of colour and im good to go.

Bog standard mummy

Its not that i have no desire to look nice every day, i do, the compulsion is still there from before i had kids, the days when i washed and straightened my hair every single day, the slap was put on in full, the nails were always painted and the roots were always touched up.  I managed this until baby number 4, when finally i succumbed to comfort rather than beauty.

Before baby number 4

When i do make the effort to put my face on i do tend to do it in full depending on the look im going for, i love red lipstick and not only does it make teeth look whiter it also makes your lips look fuller, (always a good idea to entice the hubby for a cheeky smooch when the kids aren’t looking).  Its times when im wearing my make up that i will volunteer to have pictures taken with the hubby or the kids.  This isn’t the only time i have my picture taken but in as far as posting it on social media for all the world to see.

Red lipstick is my first love

My husband loves me with or without make up but he is partial to no make up at all so has a tendency to take photographs of me when he sees me at my best, which for me is usually my worst.  I can be rolling around on the floor with the kids or in the middle of doing the dishes when i feel an arm around my waist and a phone in front of my face, my very clean, very bare face, hair looking like a burst mattress wearing an old t shirt that i love to sleep in that belonged to my dad.  I hate these types of photographs im there in all my glory for everyone to see, every bump, every blemish, the scar that’s so prominent on my forehead without make up, i literally loath them.  I will sit and dissect each little mark, pore etc, the hubby gets told in no uncertain terms to delete them, i know he doesn’t delete them but he knows his life wont be worth living if he shows anyone.

Scummy wifey


I make a point of only posting what i class as the reasonable photos, i get likes on my social media and for some reason it makes me all the more aware of how i look, the dreaded confirmation that someone has actually looked at my mush, its very rare you will find me alone on the pictures, there’s always a small child or my hubby for company.

you look different on your Facebook pictures” is something i have heard in the past, not sure whether to take offence i wonder what to make of that comment, are they saying i merely look a bit happier or brighter, or is it in fact i look alright on Facebook in reality im an ugly bitch who needs a bag over her head, i honestly don’t know.

I do pride myself on being very good at hiding a multitude of sins with make up, i can make myself look happier, more alert, thinner, more toned, tanned you name it i can do it, ive picked up many tricks of the trade over the years and i use them to my advantage given half the time.  But for the most part, quite frankly i just cant be arsed!!!!! i love having a clean and tidy home, i love spending time with my kids and my husband i love sewing and drawing and talking to my friends, i love my neighbours coming around for a brew or something to eat and while id like to say i do all this with a full face on and wearing my best clothes, there simply just isn’t the time and something has to give.

So i will go on inflicting my unmade mug on the world, my leggings that could do with being a bit less slack on the bum and my t shirts that sometimes cling too much to my post natal, wobbly belly, im a mummy and im happy with that so what if ive chipped my toe nail polish or my fake nails need a bit of TLC, this doesn’t make me a bad person this makes me human, a loving wife, a good friend and yes sometimes a scummy mummy but nevertheless ill do it and ill make sure i’ll do it while grabbing mummy hood by the balls!!!!!!

Bit of a filter and a bit of lippy


Saturday morning chaos

Lying in bed in a very rare deep sleep I’m woken by the sound of my number three quietly coming into my bedroom. “Muuuum the babies are in the spare room throwing dads tools around” Great!!!!!!! 5am even better!!!!!!

The hubby gets up, crisis averted. Everything easily tidied up, the last time the gruesome twosome got up to their dastardly deed they painted my bathroom floor as well as the boys newly built castle/fort bunk beds.

Husband and kids all settled back to bed the house fell quiet for all of 20 seconds, the baby was obviously lulling me into a false sense of security and started to wiggle and squirm,

OK let’s get her fed then I might catch an extra hour or so, where’s her bottle. There was a pre made bottle by my bed. Had I fed her and completely erased it from my memory, had I been in that deep a sleep the husband woken and fed her (very unlikely it’s like waking the dead waking that bugger up). Then there it lay, the evidence, on my bedroom floor a tiny pink bottle lid off completely empty. One of my little tinkers had snuck in like a silent assassin and drank the evidence, quietly polishing the milk off and sneaking back out quiet as a mouse without waking a single person in the house.

Luckily the baby settled with her dummy, even she couldn’t muster the energy to actually wake herself up, at twelve weeks old even she knew it was going to be one of those days.

I was woken approximately an hour later “muuuuum the babies have painted the bathroom” with what?!?!?!? Where do they find these things?!?!?!? We checked on them they were asleep, when did they wake up?!?!?! How did they get past us all?!?!?!?! My questions went unanswered when I saw my pristinely white bathroom suit with grey paint splodges all over it. Luckily a packet of baby wipes and some elbow grease later it was back to normal although the same can’t be said of my shower curtain.

The whole house was now awake. The husband had to go out to buy more baby milk so I was left with “muuuum he’s just done this” “mum can I have some wewtabix” “mum she’s just called me Olga” “muuuuum” “mum” “mummy” “mamma” “LA LA LA” “mum can I have a drink” “ding ding ding mummy I jumping” (yes on my newly changed bed I’d literally just made) “mamma pooooood” “mum I’ve got bad blood” “mum can I hit Oliver” oh my Christ deep breaths I’m going to EXPLOOOOOOOODE.

“WHATS GOING ON” OH thank you dear lord, the hubby is back. Everything stops. Everyone literally freezes, daddy is here!!!!!

Daddy can stop the kids in their tracks within a split second, they stand up take notice (highly likely because they all know he’s their main dealer, their Sweetie dealer, late night stay up dealer, the one who will barter with them to meet in the middle who sneaks them biscuits if they play by the rules) quite clearly I don’t have the same authority.

Peace is restored, I’m casually lying in bed feeding the baby, the kids are all getting dressed (in a fashion) and the hubby is boiling the kettle. I love days like these, when the chaos of first thing disappear and calm and peaceful is the atmosphere for the rest of the morning. I’m not mentioning what the afternoon may bring because that could be a very different story, but for the time being I relax into a tranquility that may not last very long but it’s here for the moment at least.

Purdey makes 6 Xx

me, parent

Bye bye baby weight

The day I found out I was going to have baby number four, I was wearing a large size 12 and had just returned home from Wales where myself and my husband had been away for the weekend without the children. I’d recently lost a lot of weight and was feeling pretty happy with my weight loss, I had a bit more to go but I was on my way, my fitness had increased, I’d even climbed Mount Snowdon whilst we were away.

After returning I took a pregnancy test the following day and it came back as positive. I’d never expected to have any more children so this came as a huge shock but a very wanted surprise.
Once the shock died down I really settled into my pregnancy, I was a tiny bit tired but hardly any morning sickness, I’d get it once a day when eating my dinner for approximately 15 minutes and I was done, very lucky considering the amount of sickness I had in my previous pregnancies.

As I relaxed into my pregnant body so did my husband, he loves my curves and always complimented me on how beautiful I was whilst pregnant, adding further to my relaxed mother earth pregnancy. The down side to this was I literally let my mouth run wild. I ate everything in sight, I told myself I would be fine I’d lost a lot of weight I had plenty of room to let my hair down a little bit, the only problem was it wasn’t just a little bit.

Over the nine months I put on approximately four stone. That was a lot for my five foot frame. We had opened a business mid way through my pregnancy so our days and nights were spent away from home getting the shop ready. We opened our tattoo studio in the January, it was three shops down from a takeaway, and even when we finally opened we would stay in the shop three sometimes four nights a week getting everything ready for the following day, the kids loved it so why not. Chicken kebabs, garlic bread. Disband chips, curry and chips, pizza, everything I shouldn’t be eating. Then there was the pot noodles and biscuits throughout the day, shop bought pastas. Sweets, fizzy drinks you name it we ate it, convenience food at its best and with a Mc Donald’s just down the road we made the most of it

My beautiful baby boy was born on the 20th of May 2014. I was determined to lose the weight. After an iffy start and a small battle with post natal depression I started to lose a bit of weight.

My husband and I had discussed having another baby and agreed we would have one soon so the babies were close in age, “let me lose a bit more weight first” and with that my weight loss seemed to make me more fertile, I was pregnant straight away. It had only been four months since the birth of my son but I was pregnant again and along with my hubby we happily started planning for our new baby.
Our little princess was born on the 23rd of July 2015. I had learnt from my mistakes this time and stared clear of the unhealthy food the tattoo shop brought to my door. But this time I had a new hurdle to get over. I have a condition called symphis pubis dysfunction, basically my pelvis and hips separate and tilt leaving me in agony and pretty much left me stuck at home on the couch most of the pregnancy. So whilst I controlled my eating habits, no matter how well I was eating, I was stagnating in the house leading to muscle wastage and a rather big saggy bum.

Once again after the baby was born it was time to reassess my weight and not get pregnant for a while. The hubby was broody and I was sticking  to my guns. “Let me lose a couple of stone and we will have one more”. So that was the plan, we were getting married in March 2016, I was not going to be a pregnant bride and I wasn’t, I walked down the aisle completely unpregnant. The honeymoon was a different story, I’ll never know for definite but I was very likely with sprog by the end of our trip.

Another princess was born on 3rd of January of this year. My beautiful girl, I had a bad pregnancy and terrible birthday/recovery so we are both dead set on no more babies any time soon. Purdey was born three months ago now and thanks to a return to hospital, anemia and a nasty womb Infection I wasn’t in any position to even think about losing weight. My body had different ideas, whilst I wasn’t thinking of losing weight it was literally falling off me, my baby was three weeks old and I was back in my pre baby clothes. Fantastic.

I was so pleased I started to slack again. My husband bakes gorgeous cakes and biscuits and because I was eating again he was only too happy to oblige. Slowly the bloating was starting, the feeling of being uncomfortable in anything other than my pj’s. I wasn’t having it I wasn’t doing it to myself again. I was going to lose weight and do it properly this time.
So tonight I’ve officially gone and rejoined Slimming world, I bit the bullet and faced the scales, I’m 9lb heavier than I was when I weighed myself after I came out of hospital when I’d lost all my baby weight. I Knew I’d put weight on but not this much I’d lost every ounce of this baby weight, I’d done so well and ruined it once again.

Well I’m not ruining anything for myself anymore. I’ve faced the hardest part and that’s joining my local group and getting on the scales. I’m determined to lose for me I want to be healthy again and have a reasonable BMI which although I’ve a long way to go, I know I can do it.
I’ll be documenting my weight loss journey in my blog, as ways of supporting myself and keeping focused. Now my family is complete it’s time to make myself complete also by thinking enough of myself to get down to a happy self and a healthier me, bye bye baby weight new me is waiting around the corner.
Purdey makes 6 xx

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My social media

I don’t use much in ways of social media if I’m honest , I’m the proud owner of a Facebook page and instagram page the latter is only because my ten year old daughter opened it for me. It has since taken over my love for Facebook and completely put it on the back burner, I typically use it because I need to update my parents with photos of the kids and a couple of groups I like to look at. I’ve added my Instagram link at the bottom so feel free to add me or share something with me, my social media is a collection of the things I love or whatever catches my eye on the day, it’s filled with my own photographs as well as quotes and anything else that grabs my attention.Follow me on Instagram! Username: purdey_makes_6




Me & my brood

Lying here at midnight with my new baby girl in my arms, my house is silent and everything is beyond still. I look at my beautiful baby and I’m filled with so much love and butterflies in my tummy that I could literally burst. It’s feeding time and I’m hoping that Purdeys tiny, kitten like cry isn’t going to wake any of the children up who are fast asleep in the room next to us. It’s moments like these I wish I could bottle, that I could live in forever, where everything is peaceful and care free also most importantly, quiet.

Because quiet is a luxury in our house, in fact I’d go as far as saying I’d hate to live next door to us, not that we’re bad, horrid, unkempt, rowdy, party throwing ASBO holders, but we are in fact a noisy larger than life bunch who purely based on the number of us tend to stand out from the crowd.

Myself and my husband are proud mummy and daddy to six vibrant little people, three of whom are currently under the age of two and a half. We own a very large Labrador crossed with a blood hound who takes up half of any room due to his sheer size as well as eight fluffy, squeely guinea pigs. Along side this I also have my own nonprofit guinea pig rescue, so can double the amount of piggies at any time.

Our house is in fact a madhouse. It’s a madhouse that I’m so proud of and I love very very much, it’s a house I invest a lot of time and care into, a house that I organise and keep clean and tidy at all times, not because I have to, but because I want to, I think most people would assume a house of eight people would be impossible to care for and have any pride in but it really isn’t. My house is not perfect I still have a full washing basket from time to time and yes my skirting board in the living room could do with a touch up, the kids rooms have to be tidied daily but between us all we manage it and we do while filling this little house with lots of noise, giggles, laughter, smiles, farts, burps and smelly feet and most importantly, love.
This is where I’ll be writing my blog that will be full of tales of living with a large family, there’s never a dull day in our house and there’s always something to relay a story about which is exactly what I intend to do. Even now, as my number four comes into our bedroom after vomiting all over the place for the second time today, there is always something eventful going on.

Keep up to date with my tales as a mummy of six and wife of one, you can follow me on instagram as well as signing up to my blog for regular articles and updates.

Happy reading.

Purdey makes 6 X