Younique Make Up Product Review


So as an avid make up fan since a very early age, i relish any chance to put my face on at any time.  So when i received a Younique make up kit in my blogger mail this weekend, i have to say i was pretty excited!!!

For anyone who doesn’t already know Younique make up is a range of make up and skincare products that you can buy from your local distributors, mine comes in the shape of a lovely pair of gals called Clare and Amy.

So within my kit, i received a range of make up (including a lip splash id had my eye on, bonus!) as well as a couple of skin care products.  Being ever efficient, the girls had even popped some disposable brushes in there to boot.

The bag itself was fabulous, a metallic purple made it really stand out and made the contents seem all the more exciting. Full of pockets there was room to fit everything you could imagine in there.


So after oooooing and ahhhhing at every piece and flashing each colour at my very uninterested hubby (miserable sod), i decided the best thing to do was to prep my skin first, so out come the Pore Purifying Cleanser…..


I already had clear skin as id not worn any make up for two days so prior to using the cleanser i had used a facial wash of my own that i use every day.  The cleanser doesn’t have much of a distinctive smell to it, it is just a very subtle, fresh smell, the directions are literally to massage into damp skin and rinse, its that easy.  Very different to other cleansing washes I’ve used in the past, the tiny blue bits in the solution were not harsh at all, i didn’t feel like i was washing my face with a rough toilet brush, i could apply plenty of pressure and it was still comfortable.

Once i rinsed my face i literally felt like i’d been given new skin, it felt lovely.  I suffer with dry skin on my forehead and down my nose due to sun damage as an inexperienced, sun worshipping 18 year old, and its never left me. No matter what products i use I’ve never been able to get rid of this shiny, red skin; that the second foundation or even worse powder is applied i start to look like a scabby old leaf.  Being called Rudolf the red nose reindeer by my dad at Christmas sounds cruel, but i have to admit i do think i’d make a good candidate for Santa if his main man is ever out of action.

Anyway i digress, so the nose was pretty shiny, as was the forehead, cheeks and chin, but i say shiny as in clean, absolutely pristinely clean, not a dry patch or blocked pore to be seen, i really do love this product.  Previously i have used a very expensive facial kit by a well know brand (mentioning no names, Clinique) and i’ve used it for a very, very long time; i do have to admit this product is in fact on a par with my favourite brand, its just as lovely and doesn’t smell too dissimilar, it does what it says on the tin and i would recommend this product to any skincare fan to be used before or after their make up regime.  It left my skin feeling clean and fresh and thats good enough for me.

So once the face was cleaned and prepped it was time to use the foundation….


The first thing I loved about the Mineral touch Liquid Foundation was the application, the dispenser acts like a pipette to remove the liquid from the bottle, I used the colour Velour and it was so perfect for my very fair, very pasty complexion I was very pleasantly surprised. It is difficult to colour match other foundations, I’m either to dark or too pale but I have to admit this was a very happy medium.  The foundation itself was really nice, very light, smooth, silky and gave a really nice finish. For anyone with unmarked skin a thin layer of this make up would be fine, my skin is not looking it’s best at the minute so I did need to apply extra to certain areas.  The product was easy to blend and even gave the old nose a bit of a new look.  While it didn’t hide my nose and fod of all it’s dryness, it did hide a considerable amount which I was really pleased with.

I know I look like someone’s just ran over my cat but it gets better.

So next, i applied the moodstruck precision pencil eyeliner crayon, one word, PERFECT!!!!! full coverage, smooth, so easy to apply with really dramatic effects, no need for multiple applications; what more can i say, its everything you could ask for in an eye pencil!!!!

Now was the time to use the Moodtruck Addiction Shadow Palette, number2.


My eyebrows are tattooed on so i used my own eyebrow powder.

So for my upper brow, directly under my eyebrow i used Romantic, directly underneath on my lower brow i used Blissful, on my upper lid i used Perplexed and on my lower lid, i used Peppy.  As an additional i also used Romantic in the corner of my eye by my tear duct which brightens the eye and i also used blissful on top of the lower lid to add some gold tones directly over the eyeball.  As mentioned above i have tattooed eyebrows so to get a definite feature i pencil over them to define them and give them shape, one of my biggest beauty regrets, as i now cant go anywhere without pencilling my eyebrows or i tend to look like Leo the Lion with a nice shade of blue over my eyeballs thanks to the ink discolouration.

This palette is gorgeous, the colours are so sparkly the photographs really don’t do them justice at all. The colours are easy to apply, good to blend, can be layered and darkened very easily so they can be used as a light daytime style or dark smokey shade for an evening out.  Gorgeous and highly recommended.

3D Fibre Lashes

Following my eye shadow and eyebrow application, it was time to try the Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes kit…..


Now the idea of this product is to build your lashes up to a length that you want, do you want slight and subtle? or big, bold lashes that look like false lashes? either way you can do this with this kit. I was a bit dubious that the initial application would do anything, but the thickener did actually make a difference on its own so i was pleasantly surprised when i added the second application.  My eyelashes were definitely thicker and darker and i was pretty impressed, if you like your eyes bold i’d say give this kit a go, over time i think it would save a lot on false lashes.


So once my eyes and brows were sorted all it left, after a quick splash of my own blusher, was my lips.  This was the piece of kit i was most looking forward to using. I applied the Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick in Superstitious, i absolutely love it!!!!


It goes on so easy and it doesn’t need multiple layers for it to be bold, it literally comes out the colour you see on my photographs, its thick but not heavy, eye catching and really makes you stand out.  I love bold statement lips, as I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs, my colour of choice is normally red, but this colour changed my look so much and i felt a lot more different than i would picking my usual colour.  The lipstick lasts really well, but just beware of smudging your lips because it does show, not because of the product itself but more so the colour.

One thing it didn’t do that red lipstick is known for is stain my teeth BONUS!!!! i do tend to spend a lot of time licking my own teeth when i wear red lipstick or gloss, i tend to look like an excited Labrador that has a cheeseburger waved in front of him, because im so aware of the life of its own red lippy has, this on the other hand was fine and did stay put.  Until that is, i had a cheeky smooch with the hubby who then looked like he’d caught some unsavoury disease and belonged in a coffin.  Clare was on hand with a quick tip of removing the lipstick with baby wipes which worked a treat, but i personally removed mine in the shower.

I really do love this lipstick and i will be trying some other colours also, they didn’t dry my lips out and didn’t spread onto my skin at all so i was very happy with the result.  All i need was to sort my bonce out to complete the look….

Victory rolls and blue lips



In all i really enjoyed using these products, they are reliable, nice on your skin, light, hard wearing and long lasting.  I would say that this brand of make up are on a Parr with any other high street make up, the joy of these products is that you don’t have to trawl the shops endlessly to find what you want, these products are all delivered to your door whenever the fancy takes you.  I will definitely be purchasing some items myself in the near future and would advise anyone to contact you local distributor and get buying.









Cookie Cups Review SJEliteInteriors

I love a brew! and when i say i love one, i really do mean i love one!!!!!

My biggest problem is, i can’t have a brew on its own, its not normal to just have a lovely warm drink just sitting there cooling away all on its lonesome, its like there’s always something missing, that component that makes the whole brew situation work.

My brew has to have the added bonus of a biscuit to go with it, i say biscuit i actually mean biscuits, as in plural, as in at least 3, or maybe 4, OK its 5 i have to have 5 biscuits at a time.  Anyway when i have my little hug in a cup and i leave my biscuits on the side waiting to be dunked, you can bet your life on the fact one or two will be missing before i go back to have a slurp, the kids or the hubby will have ran off with them, i can guarantee it every single time!!!

So for me i needed a sure fire way of keeping those little fingers away from my biccies and that came in the shape of a fabulous idea sent to me in my blogger mail this week.  I was sent a Cookie Cup from a lovely home ware shop called SJEliteInteriors. The mother and Daughter store is full of quirky, beautiful, original pieces and all priced so reasonably you would really struggle hard to find an excuse not to buy something from them.

So my Cookie Cup came in the shape of a lovely little pink haired unicorn, even better, although im 35 years of age, any excuse to have something with a unicorn on is a welcome gift.  Now much like any other mug the drink is poured into the top of the cup, and below is a little compartment (that doubles as the unicorns mouth) to store your biscuits!!! brilliant! where my brew goes so do my biscuits.  The compartment is big enough to hold roughly 3 chocolate Digestives, not 5 but it will save my waistline in the long run.


I fell in love on the spot!!!  Now although i do love my brews, tea or coffee im not picky, i very rarely finish one, purely because i have a tendency to buy HUGE mugs that hold practically a gallon at a time, mostly because i love the pattern on them; but this mug holds far less liquid due to the compartment at the bottom for the biscuits.  So i can actually finish a brew!!!!


Another problem i have as an avid biscuit dunker is sometimes certain cups aren’t big enough around the top to fit the biscuit in, so i try to break the biccie, it breaks in about 7 pieces and the rest just crumbles EVERYWHERE!!!!,

20170821_171045.jpgmakes a mess, its just not what i need when im parched and craving a digestive.  This cup on the other hand has already started to warm your biscuit up and because of the angular shape at the top, the biscuit actually fits!!!!


Aside from my biscuit and brew obsession, i have to say this novelty cup is a lovely item to have, family and friends that have visited have all commented on how lovely it is and such a brilliant idea.  Obviously if biscuits arent your thing, you could fit something else in there; chocolate or sweets, if warm drinks and sweets float your boat, then each to their own give it a whirl!!!


I also cant recommend SJEliteInteriors enough also, they are efficient at replying to messages, they are friendly and helpful and they genuinely have such nice stock you will be spoilt for choice as to what to buy from them.  I have included their Instagram link below as well as my own, so make sure to add them on your social media to keep an eye out for what new lovelies they have in stock.

Huge thank you once again i will be most definitely be back in touch soon xxxxx









The Weekend Off

I’m on my “Let’s get rid of this baby weight diet” and up to now i’m doing well if i do say so myself. I’ve lost quite a few pounds now and my clothes are feeling distinctively bigger on me.

I’m sticking to my protein shakes during the day and reasonably low carb meal of an evening , the only thing i will admit to missing is snacks.  I do become quite hungry late afternoon and late on in the evening.

Previously the hubby and I would stuff our faces watching telly while we drank copious amounts of sugary coffee (well i did, the hubby goes without).  I could easily eat a huge slice of cake as well as a large bar of Dairy Nut to myself, then if i was staying up particularly late more biscuits or even a late night take away on a few occasions, the latter didn’t happen very often but it did happen.


The more i write about my diet, the more i see how i got as fat as i am.  I love food (obviously) and although i do love a lot of healthy food  such as veggies and salad, i also love all the wrong foods. Pasta, bread (oh i love you bread), cheese (oh i love you too cheese), cake, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, pizza, oat biscuits, Indian food and all the munchies that go with it.

While i do like a wide range of food i tend to stick to the same crap all the time.  I’ll have a huge plate of bolognaise and justify the cake and biccies afterwards because i had a massive pile of salad to go with it, not to mention the garlic bread the salad was wedged between.  I’m opening my own eyes the more i write, im literally shocked by myself.


Anyway enough of the being down on myself, i have literally done a u turn on my habits, except on Saturday night when i allow myself the evening off after being weighed at tea time.  Only then can i have whatever i want to eat and copious amounts of red wine to wash it down with if i feel like it.


Weigh In Day!!!!! That’s me 4th from the front with the “why did i eat that bastard Frey Bentos pie” look on her face.  (i dont like Frey Bentos pies by the way but you get what i’m saying).

But i must admit, as the weeks are going by i’m finding it more difficult to enjoy the fabulous tasting shite i used to eat, my body just can’t seem to take it, it literally goes into sheer panic.  Last Saturday evening for example i was weighed to find i’d lost a good 5 lbs so i decided a takeaway of tikka burger and chips and a few slices of pizza thrown in, along with some chocolate cookies, a hand full of popcorn and a bottle of red wine would be my treat of the day.  Over a few hours i ate and drank it all along with sugary coke, by the time id put the last piece of food into my mouth i literally couldn’t move.  That’s weird i used to easily be able to do this.

I was watching a film with my hubby and my eldest son (Trainspotting 2 for anyone interested and it was alright, not as good as the first), All i could do was lie back with my legs up on Anthony like a literal couch potato, King Eddie’s had nothing on me, i felt vile.  I was hot, beyond thirsty (more coke thanks) and my stomach was a huge ball that was uncomfortable to say the least.

5198855-mr-and-mrs-potato-head-620x350 Me, just not on a couch, i literally was Mrs Potato Head watching a film.

I went to bed about two hours after the film finished and the food had gone, i was still the same my body seemed to go into shock, i felt like if someone squeezed me i’d pop.  I lay in bed for a good hour or so just trying to get my greedy, overindulged body comfortable.  Throwing in a little panic attack, I think i fell asleep from exhaustion eventually,  i couldn’t help but wonder how i used to eat like that? on a regular basis, how do i have panic attacks from just being full? and i think it’s my body’s response to the wear and tear i’m putting on it, it’s telling me to stop, to look after it, it’s my body’s way of telling me that what i’m doing is wrong.

I got up the next day and instead of repeating my usual habit of “oh it’s Monday tomorrow i’ll start then”, i got straight back on it, bottle of water and a protein shake down the neck and i was right back on track, i also felt so much better in myself by doing so.  My day actually lifted, i felt in a better mood and my head and body felt a little clearer.

I will still have Saturday nights off, its something i need to do or i won’t stick to my plan throughout the week, and every diet i have ever done has involved me having a night off, it’s just now i will limit myself to a couple of treats instead of a whole weeks worth in one go. I need to remind myself that not everything fits in my mouth and my belly.


note to self!!!!

Purdey Makes 6 xxxxxx


Mummy Survival Guide

As a mum of 6, things can get quite hectic at times, today has been no exception if im honest.  I dont tend to shout at my children very often but today called for a very stern telling off from me in the kitchen whilst three of the kids shouted and bickered at each other relentlessly for a continuous hour in the next room.  Cue early bed times and a large deep breath from me and the hubby and peace was restored, my quiet chilled house was back to its usual self.

Just yesterday my lovely neighbour told me you would never think we had so many people in our house, she wouldn’t have said the same had she been here this evening.  Anyway as a mum of more than a few kids, i do get asked a lot, mostly by other parents, how we cope.  My answer is always the same, organisation!!!! being organised is a must or those little buggers will run rings around you.  You don’t get chance to take your eye off that ball or all hell breaks loose.

Having household rules does help, it gives the older kids clear instructions what they need to do and the little ones usually love having their own little pieces of responsibility and take their roles VERY seriously.  My 2 year old Nell loves her job as chief nappy getter, its her job when its time to change bums to get the nappies (even if i end up with 6 nappies on my knee for just 1 child, at least she’s trying).


A tidy house is a must, or at least as tidy as you can get it, i am one of those really sad people that proclaim “a tidy house is a tidy mind” but this is so true and i inflict this on my husband and children practically daily because i believe it so much.  I’m also a firm believer that everything has a place, keep those things in those places and nothing ever goes missing (except socks, socks don’t count, they have a mind of their own).  Also when you have a tidy home, you actually spend less time tidying on a daily basis because there is less to do, that way you have more time to have a time out for yourself, a quick shower or a cheeky glass of wine before tea, if this keeps you sane then do it.

Just the one at wine o clock

Me and the hubby take out an hour together every afternoon once the older kids get home from school, we just sit with a brew and a biscuit completely on our own, its a no kids allowed area for just that half hour or an hour of the day.  Us time is an important part of family life, we dedicate every waking moment to our kids and i think its only fair to have that time together just the two of you to sit and enjoy each others company, to just be Laura and Anthony, not just mummy and daddy. We don’t go out and we are not massive drinkers but we do love cooking together and listening to music while we chat away about anything and everything, if we do feel like having a drink we do and its bliss, it keeps the romance alive in our relationship and it gives us chance to have conversations that dont involve choo choo’s, pooh or Kylie Jenner.

Mummy and Daddy

Another survival tip is sharing your time individually with each of your children.  Keeping an eye on whats hot and whats not and showing an interest in what your child is interested in is also a huge help.  We all use social media and that can give us all the answers we need.  Taking time out with each child makes them feel more secure and equal to their brothers and sisters, none of them are left out and it shows in their behaviour. A well behaved child is so much easier to deal with that goes without saying, they all have their moments, don’t we all but if we can get them happy and smiling at least for the most part then things are good and productive.

Mummy and Ollie

Other than behaviours there is a list of items that will always come in handy when you have a big family, items that can stop a fight in 2 seconds flat, stop a runny nose, make you look less Night of the living dead and more yummy mummy, make a cut knee feel better instantly or just give the kids something to do on a sunny day when they won’t get from under your feet while you put the washing out.

Here’s a few of my fail proof items:

Liquid eyeliner, makes your eyes look brighter after 2 hours sleep with your teething baby, can also double up as a mascara to dye your eyelashes and literally takes 2 seconds to slap on, if the eyeliner goes slightly skew wiff you can just pretend your starting a new trend and wear it with pride.

A massive tub of Aqueous cream, this big tub is my go to “magic cream” when one of the kids has a catastrophic accident such as a grazed knee!!! quick splodge on they think it takes the pain away and off they run.  This also doubles up as a moisturiser for your face on those dull skin days, as well as a good bum cream when the hubby has ring sting from his piles (because noone else has ever had piles as bad as his!!!!) or if the baby’s bum is looking a bit pink, it is quite literally “Magic”.

A deck of cards, hidden in the crap drawer (we all have one), when the kids are stuck in on a rainy day and all seem to want to use the living room as their squat but refuse point blank to get on, the pack of cards get dished out and off they go to play as many games of 21 or snap as they can until either the tea is ready or i threaten to lock them out in the garden.  If all else fails just throw the whole packet up in the air and tell them whoever gets the most can pick the next programme to watch, its a long shot but it does usually work.

Plastic cups, plastic picnic cups are fantastic inventions, they can be used for juice, ice cream, jelly you name it but the one thing i use them for that always keep my littlest ones entertained is filling the sink with warm water and along with a couple of small pans, let them splash until their hearts content.  Bit of advice id put a towel on the floor and either side of the sink because it can end up like a tsunami.

Bubbles and a bubble machine, my god every parent should be given these before they take their little angels home from the hospital when they’re first born.  All kids of all ages bloody love bubbles, they love blowing them, catching them, chasing them and just running stir crazy all over the place with them.  They are fabulous for cheering everyone up and better still are cheap as chips, i paid £2.99 for a fish that blows bubbles from B&M and a GIANT bottle of bubble solution from Home and Bargains for 99p, worth every penny and even when they run out, it doesn’t break the bank to replace the solution.

Baby Wipes, even for those who’s children no longer need wet wipes they are a staple part of every families cupboards in my opinion, they clean kids, animals, work tops, sinks, windows, doors the list goes on and on.  There is hardly anything you can’t use them for, when the kids have a cold i use them so they don’t get sore on their little noses, i use them for making my sinks sparkle, i use them to clean my cooker, washing machine etc and they all come up brilliantly. Although putting wipes down the toilet is not recommended, they do come in handy for those instances where we have ran out of toilet roll, as we regularly do in our house.

A fabulous lipstick or lip gloss, the bolder the better. My first choice is ALWAYS red, red, red and more red i just adore it.  I can have no make up on whatsoever and a quick splash of bright red gloss can make me feel like i have my whole face on, 30 seconds and its on, just remember to keep checking the teeth because that bugger literally gets everywhere!!!  The colour can be whatever suits you, but if it can make us feel glam even just while we pop the shops or do the school run, why not give it a try and and the way i see it if all else fails and i still look like shit it will at least distract attention from the rest of my gob.

The list goes on and on with survival tips for being a mummy or daddy, im no expert, im not proclaiming all my tips will work for you and your family, but they work for mine.  We don’t do too bad and me and the hubby are pretty proud how well we run our ship, our kids have their moments as we as adults do, but on the whole we are a happy household, with lots of adventures to be had.


Us and two of our brood